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 Now is the Time!

Community Week of Prayer 2012


Host site location: Dodge Center Seventh-day Adventist Church Fellowship Hall, 410 3rd Ave SW, Dodge Center

7 pm Nightly

Phone: 507-374-6895

We invite our community in Dodge County and elsewhere to join us in this important prayer event.  Each night there will be a special theme and presentation by Pastor Thomas Bentley to guide this prayer event.  The prayer themes include:

Nov 3 - Prayer for the Family

Nov 4 - Prayer for our Community

Nov 5 - Prayer for our Nation

Nov 6 - Prayer for Healing

Nov 7 - Prayer for Forgiveness

Nov 8 - Prayer for Living Faith

Nov 9 - Prayers of Praise and Thankfulness

We would like to invite everyone to get involved in this community prayer event and we have made it simple to do so.  You can form a prayer group from your community and join us at the host site or if you can't join us you can also download our Participants Guide from this website and it will help you in planning and organizing a group, plus it contains the theme material for each night of prayer and much more.  If you don't want to lead out we have prepared special presentations on our YouTube channel.  Simply click here or go to YouTube and type the following into the search window: dcweekofprayer2012.  You will be directed to the offical YouTube channel for this event and you will be able to view the introductory video.  Each day of the week of prayer that nights theme will be uploaded so that you can view these special presentation and follow along.  I know this will be an exciting and important week of prayer for Dodge County and beyond.  Friends, I hope you see that now is the time for Christians everywhere to gather in prayer.

 Resources for this event

Participants Guide - Click here to download (Word docx)

Email - - use this email for prayer requests and to ask questions

YouTube Channel - click here or type dcweekofprayer into the YouTube search window to access all video presentations